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Obrist GmbH, an environmentally-responsible company

Our mission

We have one goal: achieving top expertise in every and each of our areas of specialisation. However, as an environmentally-conscious company, we want to do it in the right way… the eco-friendly way!


We are an electrical installations company that operates in the areas of plant design, building- and industrial automation, low-current systems, lighting systems, multimedia stage solutions and energy from renewable sources. We offer innovative turnkey solutions and all-round support, as well as professional project management, servicing and maintenance.

We care about the environment and set great store by the development and use of energy from renewable sources. Therefore, photovoltaic technology plays a central role across our business areas.

Our success as a company comes from our commitment to ongoing improvement and development of our core competencies, which gives us a competitive edge while also maximising customer value.


We strive to offer customised solutions with innovative, top-quality products and services as well as valuable professional consulting, based on each client’s specific needs and expectations. Reliability, punctuality and efficiency are our watchwords.

Only by continuously optimising our processes and technologies can we meet the market’s demands and guarantee our clients the best value for money.

Personal and confidential data is processed with the appropriate degree of discretion.


As a company, our primary objective is to maximise value for all our stakeholders by increasing the financial success of our concern. We pursue this goal by focusing on the key concept of sustainable growth in the development of our divisions’ strategies. In this way, we want to honour our responsibilities towards our employees, clients, suppliers and partners as well as towards ourselves.


Quality is our top priority. To guarantee quality throughout the value chain, we have introduced a management system based on continuous monitoring, improvement and optimisation of operation processes in the areas of quality assurance and workplace safety.

We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and  ISO 45001 certified, RT-05-compliant, and ANKÖ certified. Click here to view are all our certifications.

Compliance with these standards and the applicable legislation is concrete proof of our commitment to quality, environmental sustainability and safety.


Our qualified, motivated team are the ones we have to thank for our company’s success. Their efficiency and skills are our greatest asset – an asset we invest in by offering targeted development and training programmes, ergonomically-sound workspaces and a homely working environment.

In return, we expect commitment, quality-oriented approach, willingness to learn and interest in keeping up with the latest developments in the field, as well as loyalty and the ability to work autonomously.

Every team member directly contributes to a good working environment through open discussion and exchange. A performance-based remuneration allows employees to share in the value they have helped create and to grow together with the company.


Creating, maintaining and improving a safe, healthy working environment is one of our priorities, as is the prevention of accidents on the workplace and occupational diseases through appropriate H&S measures.

Due to geographical distance, we encourage employees to act independently and responsibly in terms of H&S and environmental protection by raising their awareness on these themes.


Partnership with our suppliers is based on mutual trust; quality, fair pricing and punctuality, as well as solid technical know-how are our main selection criteria.


By relying on eco-friendly processes and products developed in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, we do our part in the preservation of our environment.

Our contribution includes the production of energy from renewable sources, energy-saving measures, well-conceived recycling concepts and the early adoption of technical innovations. Alternative and renewable energy sources, in particular, are among our core fields of competence and play a central role in the strategy of our business units.

We have a deep connection with our territory and taking good care of our land and neighbour is a natural consequence of our sense of belonging. This is why we also engage with our community, supporting local associations and cultural and social institutions to the best of our ability.


Having the chance to rely on a solid network is important for any quality-oriented business. This is why we cooperate and exchange information with organisations, associations and scientific institutions – so we can offer our clients the best experience throughout the value chain.